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Welcome to our website and new store.


We are a Pet and Bird shop in Horfield Bristol.  Our main area is  Bird's with some hamsters also. Many birds for sale in Bristol  also livestock of Hamsters Dwarf and Syrian                                                  Bristol Pet Stop                                                       


Selection of dog and cat goods to include food, treats and accessories, flea treatment also.  There is a selection of puppy and kitten food and treats.

*** coming soon Tortoise + enclosures and  accessories ***

Birds stock now in, Covering smaller birds to start as Budgies, Finch, Canaries and some small Parakeets.

  • Now in also a range of Plastics for Aviary and Cage birds, Nest Pans, Feeders and more.

  • Large range of Bird seeds to includes sacks and small ready bagged in various weights.


Aquatic dry goods to include food, filters, heaters, tanks, and all accessories for keeping fish. 

We do not currently offer Marine livestock, But should you need salt, food or accessories please ask we can get for you also .

Selection of dog and cat goods to include food, treats and accessories, flea treatment also.  There is a selection of puppy and kitten food and treats.

Also in the shop there will be a pet section for dry goods covering small animals as in Rabbits, Hamsters etc.  covering bird items also to include Parrot Food, Budgie, Parakeet, Finch, Wild Bird and accessories.


Also in store a Pick & Mix stand for dogs called Bic N Mix with lots of treats for all dogs.s for Sale in Bristol

Updated photos above from January 2019.

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Always lots of budgies in stock, We breed our own also so often babies that have been handled daily available, also breeding pairs, Aviary budgies and lots of colour choice. When we say baby budgies we do mean baby as we sell them from our own breeding, some shops list as babies yet they are 6 - 12 months old these are a lot harder to tame especially if kept with other birds.  

Currently in process of building 2 in shop flights for more to be stocked so can keep 50 - 100 budgies always ready for a forever home..

Pet & Bird Supplies Shop Bristol

Finches, Canaries, Budgies in stock now .

Birds for sale in Bristol ( Horfield )

Bird care leaflet links please click here

Zebra Finch

Heck Finch

Owl Finch

Bengalese Finch

Gouldian Finch

Red Billed Firefinch

Bluecap Finch

Diamond Firetail

Gold Breasted


Orange Cheek


Cherry Finch

Spice Finch

Java Finch

St Helena's

Silver Bills

Budgies ( We breed our own babies also so lots are handled daily to be semi tame budgies )




Soon to be added Parrots.

Stock always changing

More cages being installed this year

Breeding cages available please see our facebook page.

Lots of Aviary / Breeding equipment.

Stocked also small pet & Bird food + accessories.




Guinea Pig

Caged and aviary bird food / Seed to also including Wild Bird Feed

Food, Water bottles, Bedding , Hay, Sawdust etc and more.

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