More Baby budgies ready end of week 4 x Green/yellow This week 2 Blue/ White next week.  Handled since birth, young easy to tame. born June/July 2018.  Contact us for availability. 


New bird display cages now looking good, will be stocked soon just need some finishing to the display, we will be having a move around over the Easter Hols, so will be closed for the whole of Easter Break ( Will be worth it )  Now also stocked a good range of bird/Aviary accessories and toys. 


Lots more stock in to include Fish Science food, Pond food now coming in , Hand Rearing Food for Birds and Egg feed + Livestock Bird and cages arriving soon. Soak Seed also now in stock ( Sprout seed )


Now open with Pet food stock now in to include, Rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, Parrot, Wild Bird, Budgie, Dog food and other items.  Aquatic Stock now in and building up new Fish stock will start from January 2018


1st supply of Live stock now in, although not for sale for a bit yet , Will build systems up over next few weeks. 

More dry goods to come in next week also things now moving along nicely ..


And so it begins Tanks are now setup in the correct place, filling has commenced earlier than planned but we have plenty of time now to build them up.

*** These have now been removed except 1 bank that we have of fish stock the rest will now be Bird livestock. ***  01/08/2018


Some dry goods now in stock begining to fill shelfs with Aquatic and Pet items.

Currently in 

Tropical Food  (Tetra, Hikari, King British)

Frozen Food (Betta Choice foods)

Tanks Heaters (Tetra)

Test Kits ( Tesra, NT Aquarium)

Cleaning items (tanks)

Some Medication (Interpet)

Some Water Treatments (Reefflowers Tropical, Tetra)


Arriving Friday to be stored Display tanks will consist of 5 banks giving a total of 54 tanks.


These will be for Coldwater and Tropical fish

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